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The Coaching Process  

Discover and Implement God's Plan For Your Ministry, Business, and Life

Ask For Your Free Diagnostic 1-Hour Session

Our simple Biblically-based 5-Step process CAN Help YOU build and implement a success plan for your Ministry, Business, or Life. Together, we will find that the sweet place where your mind, heart, soul, and strength and the needs of your neighbors intersect. Our standard templates make it so simple. For our on-line coaching, we use Skype so that we can ask questions, type your answers, and you proof as you go. When you finish a coaching session, you will have a detailed plan to follow. We've used it for medical professionals, speakers, technologists, coaches, writers, individuals trying to decide their next step, businesses, radio stations, large and small ministries, and churches. This process is especially helpful for those considering going into or already in a multilevel marketing business.

Our 5-Step Process

  1. Mind Matters: Build your Vision and Mission Statement and training plan. What do you think about? What are you trained for? What are you an expert on? What do you need more training for?
  2. Heart Helps: What do you enjoy? What are you passionate about? What are your talents and spiritual gifts? What do you do best? If you have employees, what do they care about?
  3. Soul Soothers: What is God calling you to do? Build your values, future goals, and your human resource plan: Is your job or ministry your calling from God? What do you suspect He is calling you to do? How are you taking care of the people around you? What values apply to what you do? How is your work environment?
  4. Strength Solutions: Build your budget, policies, & procedures. What is your income? What can you afford? What are you physically able to do do? What do you have the time and resources to do? How do you do business?
  5. Neighbor Needs: Build your sales and delivery plan: How will you serve and reach your neighbors and market? 

3-Phased Approach

Let us guide you through Diagnostics to Planing and into Action
  1. DIAGNOSTIC: A one-hour coaching call - you will go over what you want to work on and leave with an outline plan for taking action and going forward.  This may be all you need if you are trying to decide what to do next. Request your FREE one-hour session.
  2. PLANNING: A 6 hour session that maps out a step-by-step plan to implement your course of action. We spend a day together planning - done remotely or in person. Our simple template walks you through a series of questions that will unlock your mind, heart, soul, and strength so you can effectively plan to reach your goals while serving the world around you. You will leave with a written detailed life/business plan for living a life that is balanced spiritually, emotionally, physically, and mentally.  We can do this in person or remotely. For our remote clients, all you need is a computer and an Internet connection. We have the technology to allow you to create, share and review documents as they are created specifically for you and your goals.
  3. ACTION: If you need an on-going accountability partner, we can schedule periodic 30 minute phone sessions. Also included in this phase is review of any ideas, work products, or writing that you send to Cheryle prior to the meeting.

This process works for individuals interested in setting life goals: personal or professional; discovering and implementing God's will in their lives; or for the faith-based business, ministry, or business owned by faith-based persons wanting to soar in the marketplace! 


 "Cheryle Touchton isn’t just for novices.  I’ve had a successful speaking business for twenty five years, and yet I’ve found her coaching to be invaluable. Cheryle not only has a process that works, but she has a brilliant mind for knowing exactly where to focus energy for maximum results!  I’d highly recommend Cheryle and her Sh‘ma process to anyone seeking to create a roadmap to success and a guide to help them get there.” 

By Mary Jane Mapes

Founder & President, The Aligned Leader Institute, LLC


“Prior to meeting with Cheryle, I was searching for direction and a plan of action. Cheryle helped me to focus and articulate objectives for the future. After my consultation with Cheryle, I knew the direction I should go and came away with plans for my business that can easily be implemented. My meeting with Cheryle has given me new goals and enhanced my efforts to grow and prosper. I wholeheartedly recommend Cheryle for her professional approach to understanding the elements of my work and helping me move forward.”  

By Billie Wilson

Founder & Director, Florida Christian Writers Conference


“I am very, very thankful for Cheryle’s help.  If you're a ministry leader, consider using her as your own ministry coach. She has been a blessing in mine!!” 

By Sara Horn

Founder & Director, Wives of Faith

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