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Is It an Evangelism Education?
Is it an Evangelism Vacation?
We're inviting you to Washington DC for an
Evangelism Education and an Evangelism Vacation

Want A Vacation Where You Have
Fun, Learn, and Leave Inspired and Refreshed?

Our DC Evange-Cation Is For You

We'll Be Your Hosts

Cheryle and Bob Touchton at the DC Torpeda Factory

Cheryle will be your guide and teacher and
Bob will join when he can. He has a "real" job.

Spend a Weekend or a Week
At Our DC Apartment (or close to DC) On the 22nd Floor
Bring Your Spouse Or Come Alone


Customized Sightseeing Adventures: Cheryle loves to play tour guide. She will interview you in advance and custimize your adventures. Do you like history, nature, science, sports, music, art, or politics? DC has it all.

Our Guest Room
Private Bedroom and Bath: A queen sized bed, lovely view, and televivision, along with the private adjoining bathroom with a shower

Praise, Prayer, and Bible Study: Cheryle will lead you through a spiritual deep dive into her favorite topic: the Great Commission and Great Commandment and how they work together to prepare you and others around you for life and eternity. And of course...church on Sunday!

Gospel Conversation Training: Never put on the spot. Are you the "preacher" or "spiritual cover?" Pray and observe or take the lead. We'll train. You'll be surprised how each it is to have Gospel Conversations. If you have prodigals in your life, we'll put that on the agenda.

Flexible Schedule: Want to sleep in and stay up late? Start early and be asleep by 9? Your choice. Set the schedule and we'll stick to it.

Gospel Conversation: We will have the permits. We will  have Gospel Conversations. We will lead people to Jesus.

Prayer Walk: We'll prayer walk our nation's capital in key areas, praying for our country, leaders, visitors, and future leaders.

Suggested Donation: $100 per day for one person or $150 for two. That  includes room, printed materials, supplies, food both home cooked and in a few favorite restaurants, admission fees if required, time, and local transportation. Speialized food needs accomidated if you let us know in advance. Transportation to and from DC not included. Donations go towards expenses for giving the Gospel. .

Leave Equipped, Inspred, and Refreshed: This is your customized retreat. You'll have as much alone time, rest, and privacy as you wish. We promise you'll leave equipped to have Gospel Conversations, experience God's presence and witness His miracles.

Fun: If you visit our home, you'll have fun. We can have Gospel Conversations anywhere - in a zoo, playground, dog park, hiking trail, or amusement park. If you come between Memorial Day and Labor Day, bring your bathing suit and enjoy our pool and hot tube. We'll laugh, blow bubbles, and even play board games at night if you wish.


Rascal and Shiloh
Our Pets: Enjoy our Sheltie Shiloh and Rascal the Cat. As a consideration to those with allergies, we keep them out of our guest bedroom but they have the run of the rest of the house. They love guests. Shiloh will show you her tricks and Rascal will try to sit in your lap. We have a self cleaning litter box and bath both pets often.
NO pet oders!


Bob and Cheryle Touchton
Why do we do it? Not because we need the donations to pay the rent. Donations go to the ministry and for your expenses, not us. Bob and I committed personally to an extra bedroom in an expensive area because God called us to do this. I am an evangelist. That means I'm called to equip the body of Christ to share the Gospel. Anyone that knows me will say I think outside the box. This idea equips the body of Christ to give the Gospel and is definately outside the box. Bob and I also thing having Gospel Conversations should be fun and an Evange-Cation makes that point.

Seriously, join us. Bob and I LOVE guests. We have the gift of hospitality. Bob has the gift of service. I have the gift of evangelism and teaching. It's a perfect combination. We've hosted guests from all over the word. We've hosted overnight Camp Touchons, Music Slumber Parties, church groups, mission teams, and retreats. We've hosted many at the same time. We love guests with a purpose. We believe our resources belong to God so technically, you'd be using God's apartment, not ours.

Intrested? E-mail Cheryle and get on the schedule.
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